For Quality Inside, Industries Specify KSA Plugs and Seals

Fluid Power for Heavy Duty Equipment

Agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers, plus hydraulic press manufacturers depend on the consistent performance of KSA products in the most demanding environments. OEMs across the globe rely on KSA expansion plugs, thermoplastic components and rubber seals, to handle the toughest jobs.


The automotive industry demands high quality products for engines, transmissions, steering, brake, air conditioning and drive systems. KSA consistently meets the engineering demands of leading manufacturers and sub-suppliers. Our expansion plugs, thermoplastic components and rubber seals are manufactured from superior materials that can withstand severe environmental conditions including extreme temperatures and high pressures. KSA products are built to last, helping manufacturers extend equipment service life and reduce maintenance time.

Offshore & Onshore Energy Production

The hydrocarbon industry requires reliable and durable products that will prevent work disruptions, reduce maintenance costs during downtime and operate optimally in the toughest environments on land and under water. KSA expansion plugs are designed and built to meet maximum sealing specifications and satisfy industry endurance tests for hydraulic actuators and machinery.


Expansion plugs and seals play an essential role in aircraft hydraulic equipment. Specify KSA products when safety depends on the proper functioning of sealing devices for mission-critical applications.

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